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How can an osteopath help with breastfeeding?

If your baby is struggling to breastfeed there is plenty of information and support out there to help you both. You can seek advice online or from breastfeeding groups, lactation consultants, tongue tie specialists and your midwife. Not to mention tips from friends and family! But did you know that these specialists are increasingly recognising the role that cranial osteopaths can play to help your baby feed?

At an appointment your osteopath will check the muscles, ligaments and joints that are involved in feeding. For example osteopaths check to see if your baby can turn their head comfortably to feed from each breast. Your osteopath will look at the jaw movement to check that they can open their mouth wide enough to feed. He or she will also check tongue movement for signs of tongue tie or weak suck. Osteopaths can also give advice on feeding and winding techniques specific to you and your baby.

Cranial osteopathy is a gentle treatment which may improve the way your baby feeds. Her…