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How to know when yoga is working for you

You know yoga is working for you when:
You don't have tantrum when your usual teacher can't teach your class and you don't know the cover/substitute teacher.Your usual spot in class has been taken and you don't give the unsuspecting person in it the hairy eyeball. You no longer clock watch when doing your 5th Sun Salutation.You don't notice your toenails need painting in Pashimottanasana. You no longer try to keep pace with "Mr / Ms Go-Fast" practising next to you. You can miss your yoga practice without berating yourself or sticking pins in your eyes. You no longer flick the V sign when someone cuts you up on the way to class (or - at least - not on the way home).You don't leg it to the toilet when your most feared pose is coming up (pose runner). You no longer think about what you're cooking for dinner in Savasana Your body no longer aches when you practice yoga; it aches when you don't.