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Different types of yoga

I am often asked what is the difference between the various styles of yoga. Now that could take a long time to describe and, indeed, I might not be the most qualified person for the job, as it is a vast subject. Generally speaking any yoga where you practice Asana (poses) and Pranayama (yogic breathing) is Hatha yoga.

This is the most common form of yoga practised in the West and has many forms. Here is a brief outline of some of them:

Ashtanga (vinyasa) yoga:
Ashtanga yoga originated in Mysore and is a dynamic flowing form of yoga. Synchronizing breath and movement. Heating the body from the inside out, purifying the blood and removing toxins

Iyengar yoga:
Many poses in the BKS Iyengar system are similar to those of Ashtanga. The focus in this practice is on alignment and poses are sometimes held for long periods of time. The use of props is encouraged in this type of yoga.

Yin yoga:
Yin yoga focuses on opening the deep connective tissues and joints. It is a slow practice but works really…