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08 March 2011

From London with Love

Here is a photo of my friend Jemma Forte receiving proof copies of her new book "From London with Love" which will be published by Penguin in July.

07 March 2011

Grazia Book Club Quiz Night

I was invited to join a table of gorgeous, intelligent women on World Book Day for a quiz event hosted by Waterstone's bookshop, in association with Grazia magazine.

A number of authors attended, including: David Nicholls, author of the fantastic book and soon-to-be film "One day"; the hilarious Adele Parks; Emma Kennedy and my good friend and brilliant writer, Jemma Forte, who hosted our table.

I had been told it was an quiz evening of cupcakes and champagne - which is was - and being a prolific reader, I thought I might be able to answer the odd question. In fact, I think I probably only answered two. So it was amazing to discover that our champagne fuelled team "Beloved" (the title of the book by Toni Morrison) won the quiz and walked off with the prize of two cases of wine.

When I say we won, we actually came second as the Grazia team did, in fact, come first. Before anyone started shouting "fixed", the team nobly stood down and - hey presto - the table of glamorous reprobates rushed up to the stage to collect their prize.

Jamie Byng, who runs World Book Day, gave a wonderful quote about authors and books: "I know what I give you, but I do not know what you receive". Which just about sums up the joy of sharing the gift of books.

06 February 2011

Yoga School Dropout by Lucy Edge

This week we had our book group meeting in the fabulous Putney Station (one of the Brinkley’s restaurants – very cool and accommodating they were too) and we were lucky enough to have the author of the book we were reading come along. Lucy Edge's book, Yoga School Dropout, describes her journey to become a yoga goddess. Her book documents her travels in India and has a warts-and-all look at some of the "gurus" she met on her journey.

Lucy clearly has a passion for all aspects of yoga, so the book has a lot of references to yoga terminology. It made me laugh out loud in some places. I too have travelled in India and have been in situations where the lessons learnt were not what I had expected them to be. "Gurus" - or teachers - come in many different forms and I think this book describes finding humility, to see that perhaps it is the shop keeper or the taxi driver who can open your eyes to something new. It is the journey within that Lucy ultimately discovers. Yoga School Dropout would be a great guide to anyone looking to travel on a yoga trail in India and is definitely a light-hearted view.

Jemma Forte also came along to the book group and we look forward to reading her next book From London with Love when it is published in July. What a talented group of women in our midst.

Lucy Edge, 3rd on the left. Jemma Forte, 5th on the left

05 November 2009

Me & Miss M

Last night I went to the launch of the lovely Jemma Forte's first novel entitled Me & Miss M.

She and her family are great friends. She is a bright, talented, witty woman and her book looks great. I am about to start reading it and I can guarantee there will be some of Jemma's fantastic sense of humour, somewhere in the book.

The event was in Waterstone's on The King's Road. It was packed with family and friends and she delivered an amazing speech, which was both moving and hilarious. She is also one of my yoga students and I love having her in my classes. We always laugh a lot when she is in class. I am really proud of her and wish her lots of luck.

The book is on sale in the UK from today, and Jemma describes it as "Chick Lit"; my sisters will be getting a copy for Christmas.