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Stillpoint Yoga London Mini Documentary

A lovely short film from Stillpoint yoga in London Bridge. It shows you can find peace and tranquilly in the middle of this great city. I have had the pleasure of practising yoga in this space recently. It is a beautiful "understated" yoga space where Scott and his colleagues are sharing  Ashtanga yoga without the hype. Go and see for yourself!

Ashtanga yoga charity classes with John & Lucy Scott

Calling all you London yogis. Last chance to join in these charity classes at STILLPOINT YOGA LONDON tomorrow (Sunday 30th of December). Get to practise with senior Ashtanga yoga teachers, whilst raising money for a wonderful charity Centrepoint and remembering a member of the yoga community sadly no longer with us. Only a few places remaining so book your space here.

A day of charity yoga classes with John and Lucy Scott

In memory of Ozge Karabiyik Raising awareness of Centrepoint, helping London's young and homeless Sunday 30th December 2012 John and Lucy will be teaching 2 classes on a donation basis (minimum £10) and all proceeds will be passed on to Centrepoint, John and Lucy's favourite homeless charity. 
There will be 2 classes on the day, both being a Sanskrit counted led Ashtanga Yoga primary series. The times of these classes are: 1st Class: 10:00am - 12:00pm2nd Class: 13:00pm - 15:00pm  We are looking to get as many people as we can to take these classes (if some of…

Is Ashtanga yoga addictive?

I am rereading Guruji: A Portrait of Sri K Patthabi Jois and have come across an item written by Ashtanga teacher John Scott in which he was asked:
Do you think ashtanga yoga attracts a particular kind of person?
"I think it definitely attracts people who have an obsessive nature or an addictive nature I think the practice itself can be addictive, which is so clever. So anyone who has had a drug habit, for example, is perfect because you can swap one addiction for the yoga practice addiction. Now when you start working with the addiction of yoga, the not doing the yoga is a yoga in itself".

John goes on to say that for 5 years he practised every day and didn't want to miss a day. He says he was addicted and scared to "not do it for fear of letting it go". He also goes onto say how he feels Patthabi Jois understood this and put in full and dark moon days/rest days to give us an opportunity not to practice, "so people with obsessive natures are also challen…