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16 February 2013

My Mysore yoga bag

This is the hand bag/yoga bag I use whilst in Mysore, so it is now referred to as my "Mysore Bag". It was given to me by a dear friend and she knows it comes travelling with me.

It's a bit different to a lot of the yoga students bags I suppose, as its not really fit for purpose (i.e. carrying a yoga mat). It does however contain my rupees, my trusty torch, my mosquito zapper, my shala pass and factor 40 face cream. What more does a girl need?

It is not really suitable for day to day life in London, but perfect for Mysore and I could step out at any red carpet event here in Gokulam, should I get a last minute invite. Indeed it's wonderful arm candy for sitting in a chauffeur driven rickshaw to loyal world (food shopping, like Waitrose but not). Again, not exactly fit for purpose but it is a beautiful bag. So if you see this bag wandering around in India, please say hello to its owner :-)

 If Lulu Guinness does a remake of this bag or one similar-I think it should be called " The Mysore".