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30 October 2013

A moment of Zen at the London Yoga show 2013

The Yoga Mama team had a wonderful (busy) time at the Om Yoga show here in London.

The show also featured the Mind, Body exhibition where there was plenty of weird and wonderful things happening, including spiritual hair cutting.

We met so many lovely people and I was really happy to have some of my yoga pals drop by and say hello... A big thank you to everyone who made it possible.

Here are some photos of the event. For more details on Pregnancy yoga teacher training in London go to

The one quiet moment
 Some of the Yoga Mama team 

Some of the Yoga Mama team 

The Yoga Mama stand

Kevin joins the team :-)

 Mel from Yogaclicks brings us a smile
 Scott from Stillpoint yoga London selling t-shirts... not :-)) 

  It's a family affair... the husband 

 Olympia, such a beautiful building 
The wonderful Michael Gannon demonstrates Bandha 
The wonderful Michael Gannon demonstrates Bandha 

Pyramid selling?

 Clearly where I'm going wrong. 

14 October 2012

Om yoga show 2012- My pick of the bunch.

The yoga show will be at London Olympia from the 26-28th of October.
There are a massive amount of workshops and courses to attend, and many different styles of yoga to sample.
 This would be my choice of classes/workshops to attend ( in no particular order)

 Michael Gannon workshops ( he has a number to choose from)
Claire Missingham  "spice up your life"
Durga Devi & Cat Alp-Douglas Jivamuckti Yoga.

All of the above are dynamic forms of yoga and not always suitable for everyone- check the downloadable schedule on the yoga show website.

The children's room

Jo Mannuel yoga for children aged 4-8

Aimee Newton :An osteopathic approach to yoga .

If attending a free class make sure you get there early as these can be busy-Take plenty of money as there are loads of "yogi" things on sale.  Most of all enjoy the variation of yoga that the show has to offer.