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22 November 2010

Mindful Eating seminar

On Wednesday 24th November 2010, from 7pm until 8:30pm, Hala El-Shafie will be holding the Mindful Eating seminar at the Evolve Wellness Centre in South Kensington.

About the seminar

This seminar will cover the following topics:
  • What is Mindful Eating?
  • Why we eat what we eat?
  • Conscious Eating – Listening to your body
  • Ways to eat mindfully : The 20 minute rule
  • Know yourself – identifying trigger foods
  • Giving appreciation + gratitude

The price of this seminar is £15 per person. To register, please call evolve reception on 0207 581 4090 or visit

Hala El-Shafie

Hala El-Shafie is Health Editor and Director of Nutrition Rocks and is an expert nutritionist and state registered dietician with more than 10 years experience in this field. She has a unique and exceptional understanding of the emotional and psychological issues often associated with food and has created a successful holistic client-centred approach that has brought her an extensive and loyal following, including a number of high-profile and celebrity clients.

Hala is also a health writer and consultant. She writes a nutrition column for an international medical journal and is regularly asked to contribute to some of the UK’s leading lifestyle publications. Her work has been featured in Grazia, Red and YOU Magazine and she has also been in The Times and The Daily Mail. Her dynamic approach and professional ethos has led to media recognition and, most recently, she was enlisted as resident Nutritionist on ITV1's flagship show This Morning. Hala is a member of the Health Care Professional Council (HPC), British Dietetic Association. For more information, visit


Evolve is a vibrant new wellness centre in the heart of South Kensington. It offers yoga and pilates classes, holistic treatments, sustainable-living seminars and a variety of courses and workshops on the body, mind and spirit.

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