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Moaning Minnie Mysore

Okay, I'm going to have a bit of a moan here... I have worked really hard to get myself to Mysore this year (much like a lot of people). Indeed, I wasn't even sure I would be able to get on the flight, as I was awaiting some pretty significant test results (which thankfully came back all clear). I landed in Mysore exhausted and with stitches in a wound in my chest. This is not my moan, this is just life stuff and we all come to Mysore with a story to tell. My point being I'm VERY grateful to be here.

I get up really early for a 6am led class. I get up at 4am and potter about for a bit then go and sit quietly outside the shala. My moan is the people who turn up and talk about the most banal stuff whilst waiting. I'm not talking about the polite whispered "good mornings" people share. Today's loud conversation really took the biscuit... "If you were a piece of fruit what would you be?" or "if you were a painting?" blah, blah, blah... Do…