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Pose of the day; Vasisthasana

Vasisthasana this photo was taken at Nancy Gilgoffs London Ashtanga yoga workshops, at my studio in Putney.

Nancy Gilgoffs inspirational ashtanga workshops London

It has been more than a week since we hosted the amazing Ashtanga yoga teacher Nancy Gilgoffs workshops here in Putney. It was such a great honour for me to spend some time with my teacher on a personal level, and also on a professional level as an assistant .
Students came from far and wide and with mixed abilities-Some half way through primary series and some practising third series-The magic of this practise is that where ever you are in your yoga practise the person on the mat next to you, is on the same journey-and the bond felt by the yoga community is a very strong one. Nancy, as ever was inspirational both on and off the mat. The photos tell the story better than I can

Nancy Gilgoffs London workshops last few spaces...

There are a couple of spaces still available at Nancy's only London Ashtanga yoga workshops.

A rare opportunity to practise with one of ashtanga yoga's senior female teachers. Nancy has been my teacher for 7/8 years, and I'm very happy she is coming to share her wisdom at my little Putney studio.
 I have ventured to many places to practise with Nancy -including a few trips to India, and feel grateful that she still continues to travel the world to share her love of Ashtanga yoga

Tuesday 26th June 8,30am -11.30am Led class followed by Q&A and examining the breath in the practise.

Wednesday 27th June 8.30am-11.30 Mysore style practise followed by Q&A and loving kindness mediation
Thursday 28th June 8.30am- Mysore style practise only

Nancy has requested you attend all three sessions where ever possible.
Venue The Putney clinic of physical therapy. 2nd floor  266 upper Richmond road, Putney London SW15 6TQ.
Costs               £40 1st day                        £40 2nd day  …

Nancy Gilgoff London Ashtanga Yoga workshops 2012

Nancy Gilgoff London Ashtanga Yoga workshops 26th-28th June 2012.

It is a great privilege for us to be hosting Nancy Gilgoffs only London yoga workshops.

Nancy is widely respected as one of the greatest pioneers of ashtanga yoga to the West.  She was one of the first westerners to study ashtanga yoga, over 30 years ago with K.Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India.  She is the director of Maui’s House of Yoga and Zen Her studies have led her to the dharma teachings of the Dalai Lama and the expression of love and compassion for all beings.  Nancy travels throughout the US, Europe and Japan sharing her experience of yoga. We are very honoured to have her come and share her wisdom with us, on her rare trip to London.
Workshop dates and format.
Tuesday 26th June 8,30am -11.30am ; Led class followed by Q&A and examining the breath in the practise. Wednesday 27th June 8.30am-11.30 ; Mysore style practise followed by Q&A and loving kindness meditation Thursday. 8.30am- Mysore st…