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Postnatal women- Rehabilitation and Surgery

Thursday 17th March 2016. 7 – 9pm

The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy and its partners are delighted to invite you to attend a FREE public educational evening on Thursday 17th March (7 - 9pm), with talks by Neil Bulstrode and Katie Howard.

The theme of this month's talks is postnatal rehabilitation and surgery and is open to the general public, as well as to medical, healthcare and fitness professionals. See below for details.


Physiotherapy and rehabilitation of the postnatal mum

Katie Howard (Physiotherapist)

Loss of Postnatal Core Strength. A multidisciplinary and surgical approach

Neil Bulstrode (Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon)


The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy
2nd Floor, Putneymead Medical Group Practice
266 Upper Richmond Road,
London SW15 6TQ


This talk is free. If you would like to attend, call us on 020 8789 3881, or send an email with your full name (for catering…

January Public Educational Evening: Understanding Core Strength

Understanding Core Strength
FREE PUBLIC EDUCATIONAL EVENINGThursday 22 January 2015, 7 - 9pm

The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy, in conjunction with its partners, will be holding a free public educational evening on Thursday 22 January 2015 (7 - 9pm),  with talks by Leslie Abrahams (Senior Physiotherapist) and Dr Neil Bulstrode (Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon).

The titles of this month's talks are:

"Understanding Core Strength"
Leslie Abrahams (Senior Physiotherapist)

"Plastic and Reconstructive solutions to Back Pain"
Dr Neil Bulstrode (Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon)

Places on these talks are limited, therefore booking is essential. For more information or to book your place, please call us on 020 8789 3881 or send an email to, quoting January Public Educational Evening as the subject.

Boy has ears created from ribs

Our colleague, Neil Bulstrode (Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon), recently took part in a pioneering operation which has brought new joy to a 9-year-old boy born without ears. Using cartilage taken from the ribcage, the team of surgeons at Great Ormond Street Hospital were able to construct new ears for him.

Boy has ears created from ribsby Fergus Walsh, Medical Correspondent for the BBC A boy who was born without ears has had a pair created from his ribs.

Nine-year-old Kieran Sorkin had the surgery at London's Great Ormond Street Hospital.

About 100 children a year in the UK are born without one or both ears, a condition known as microtia.

Kieran was born deaf with small lobes where his ears should be. He can already hear, thanks to previous surgery to implant a hearing aid.

"I want people to stop asking me questions", said Kieran from Hertfordshire. "I'd like just to look like my friends.

"I'd also like to be able to wear sunglasses and …

Turtle Boy

Please watch this moving documentary;
Neil Bulstrode is an amazing plastic surgeon who is both a friend, and a work colleague. He and his fellow professionals are changing peoples lives with their amazing surgical skills.

 In a tiny hamlet in Colombia, six-year-old Didier has struggled with a huge burden: a rare condition called a Congenital Melanocytic Nevus: a giant mole that grew so much that it covered 40% of his body. It resembled a shell, and Didier was nicknamed Turtle Boy. There was a chance it could turn malignant. And Didier's mother Luz struggled with an additional burden: guilt. In this superstitious society, there was a belief that Didier's growth was a result of being conceived during an eclipse, which meant Luz and her family had to live apart from the rest of the village. Luz longed to be free to have her son baptised, to take him to school and see him grow up like any other boy. But there was no way she could raise the money for an operation; until a local new…

Make Me a New Face

I would like to share this with you. Neil Bulstrode, Consultant Plastic Surgeon and the Clinical Lead for Plastic Surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, has participated in the filming of a documentary by Ben Fogle that will be aired on BBC2 on Wednesday 9th June at 9-10pm. If you cannot watch it then, it will be repeated on BBC2 on Monday 14th June at 7-8pm.

The documentary, titled Make Me a New Face, is about the charity trip to Ethiopia that Neil was part of; which saw a team of highly-skilled medical and surgical professionals travel to Addis Abeba in order to carry out surgery on children with severe facial disfigurement... A very worthwhile cause, as I am sure you will agree! The charity that organised this trip is called Facing Africa.