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17 March 2012

New job...Rickshaw driver Mysore India?

Not planning to give up my London life just yet-but this is a job I could possibly do-Rickshaw driving in Mysore India.
Although I spent 5 weeks in Mysore I have no idea what the road rules are? (there don't appear to be  any, as far as I could see). I do know they drive on the same side of the road as we do in the UK and that you must not injure the cows that hang out in the middle of the road.

You may also come across the odd herd of goats

Blissed out yoga students

And Monkeys eyeing up motor bikes for a spot of Joy riding.

I think a rickshaw driver must be fairly entertained by the influx of yoga students that pass through Mysore during the season-Especially when they are asked to be taken to "magic school",  "you know like Harry Potter" -when in fact its "mystic school" and not a Harry Potter in sight....I reckon your day would be fairly interesting, and definitely one that requires nerves of steel, and a good knowledge of shops ....thinking about it again I don't think I'm up to this post :-)