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Marathon Man UK

The Putney Clinic is involved in providing the medical care for an amazing athlete called Rob Young. He is aiming to break the world record for the number of marathons completed in a year. So far, he has completed an incredible 232 marathons in just 218 days... in a kilt, to make the challenge even more interesting!

Inspired by the runners at this year's London Marathon, Rob is raising funds for the NSPCC, GOSH and Dreams Come True. These charities hold a special significance to Rob as he was a victim of abuse when growing up. To read Rob's full story, visit his website.

Dr Courtney Kipps is his sports doctor and John Durkin is his foot specialist. We will be providing Rob with massage, physiotherapy and osteopathy treatment as and when he requires it. He is raising a lot of money for children's charities, so we are providing complimentary care to him and his fiancee.

As a challenge like this merits, Rob has been getting more and more media attention. He will feature on R…