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23 May 2014

Awakening through yoga and mediation, twerking & Justin Bieber

I love this compilation of statements by Russell Brand. He is articulating what a lot of people feel at the moment and sharing his understanding of what is important in life and how yoga, prayer and mediation can help ALL human beings to be just that, "human". I personally love the section on "twerking" and Justin Beiber. As Mr Brand says, who really who gives a S*** about this stuff?

20 November 2012

Russell Brand to become a yoga teacher....

So the twitter jungle drums say Russell Brand is going to do a yoga teacher training in Los Angeles .
I know he has practised yoga for quite sometime, so maybe now he feels he would like to share his knowledge with others.
 He is a recovering addict and so probably has a great understanding of the spiritual side of yoga....he also has an amazing sense of humour which I think is a great gift to a yoga teacher- as  many teachers take themselves very seriously....
So Mr Brand if you are planning on doing some dogging ( down dogging obviously:-))  and you need a few students to practise on -look no further....I think you would have a queue out the door -so go for it Russell.