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A day in the life of a yoga student Mysore: The massage

So after a week or so of practising here in the shale in Mysore, you catch on quickly that massage is going to be part of your weekly schedule (well, it is mine).

Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre

My first massage this time was at an Ayurvedic spa situated at the foot of the Chamundi Hills. A beautiful location and  really peaceful (also pretty expensive). I've forgotten the name of the treatment I had, but there was a lot of oil involved and a lot of hands. I sloshed about on this very large table, drank an odd drink and was sent on my way looking like I had been put in a chip pan. It was relaxing but not really my kind of thing. All sorts of treatments are available here including Panchakarama, the detox /rejuvenating package. (A wonderful day out but a bit pricey).

Indus valley Ayurvedic centre:

Despina Psarra

I was then lucky enough to meet the wonderful Despina who is practising yoga in the shala (in fact we met last year). Her massage has really kept my body tic…