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New kid in town Mysore

So here I am day three ( I think?) in Mysore...well two sleeps ( sort of)...It feels quite odd to be the new kid in town.
All the yoga students seem to be well settled into their routines, and know where to eat shop etc, I on the other hand can just about remember my name, although I have a great room mate who has taken me under her wing and given me a guided tour of Goklum. I have also managed to find a very nice swimming pool and have a massage, so not bad for the new kid in town.
I start my yoga practise in the shala tomorrow and I feel ready for it after my rest days-I have a feeling once I start practising I will feel more settled, after all that is why I am here.

I have a room with a view...

My own room with a make shift bedside table...

My transport over the past few days...

So for all of my friends who thought I was on a jolly holiday at the Taj-this is it!