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Book: The In-Sync Diet

Our colleague at The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy, Fleur Borrelli (Nutritional Therapist), has collaborated with actress Glynis Barber on a new book called The In-Sync Diet. The diet is an evolutionary approach to weight management, incorporating all the secrets of your ancestors to help you to burn fat and stay lean and toned. Whilst most diets focus on what to eat, The In-Sync Diet is unique in that it also looks at when not to eat (to get rid of tiredness and fatigue)  and goes beyond simply recommending eating less and exercising more.

Glynis had been a keen advocate of natural health and wellness for many years before she approached Fleur for nutritional advice. Using an evolutionary approach to nutrition, Fleur made changes to Glynis' diet and lifestyle that revolutionised her thinking and The In-Sync Diet was born. The book was featured in the Mail on Sunday on the 18th April. Below is the full interview between Glynis Barber and Isobel James.

So Glynis, how have you …