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Preparing for the London Marathon

My daughter Cally is taking part in this year's London Marathon in aid of the World Wildlife Fund. This is a huge task for her as she is an inexperienced runner. The interview below in which she tells us about her preparation was originally posted on The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy blog and I thought I would share it with you all. :-) A beginner runner's account of Marathon training
On Sunday 13th April, the 34th edition of the Virgin Money London Marathon will take place. The 26-mile route, which starts in Greenwich Park and Blackheath and ends in The Mall, attracts elite athletes from all around the world, as well as thousands of runners raising money for their favourite charities.

One such runner is 23 year-old fashion graduate Cally-Siân Lathey from Putney, who is also a patient at the Clinic. She will be participating in this year's Marathon on behalf of the World Wildlife Fund and has kindly agreed to tell us about her preparation for the event.

When did you st…

Running: the problem with blisters

Over the years I have taken part in a number of marathon events. Although I am not prone to blisters (losing toe nails is my problem), a number of my friends are. Below you will find some useful information on hydration and blister prevention/ treatment, written by my husband Clive Lathey MSc Sports Medicine.

Dehydration impairs performance and health.Fluid loss during exercise dependent on exercise duration, intensity, temperature and humidity. Body size and fitness levels also affect loss.Pale to very pale yellow urine is an indication of good hydration. Dark yellow urine indicates advanced dehydration.Always start exercise well hydrated. Continue drinking at regular intervals- ideally every 15mins. The aim is to match intake of fluid with the amount of fluid lost.Exercise- more intense or lasting longer than 1 hour- solutions sodium + carbohydrate (Sports drinks), can speed up water absorption and provide additional fuel.

Always dry your feet; particular…

The London Marathon

The London Marathon takes place this Sunday (25th April). The forecast is for a pretty warm day, so hopefully the organizers will set up showers en-route.

I took part in this amazingly challenging event in 1999 (so a few years ago). I had been challenged by a male friend at an alcohol-fuelled dinner party to take part in the Marathon… Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Training was the hardest part; running during the winter - come rain or shine - took a lot of discipline. In comparison, the actual event was a much more enjoyable experience. That is if a 26-mile run can ever be considered enjoyable.

I ran on behalf of United Response (a local disability charity) and whenever my energies waned during training sessions, I would think about the charity. The day itself is a bit of a blur. The crowd was absolutely amazing; as were my family, who jumped on the Tube and LDR to follow me around the event. It was suggested that I wore a t-shirt with my name on it, which – as it trans…