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Ashtanga yoga Prasarita Padottanasana

Ashtanga yoga- Degy practising with me in a Mysore class in my studio in Putney.

“Exploring the art of Pilates” workshop.

Pilates Master Class Saturday August 18th at 9am Come and join Pilates expert Liz Smith for a 90 minute workshop. This workshop will enable you to explore and deepen your understanding of Pilates. The workshop is suitable for all except those who have not attended a Pilates class before. The Putney clinic of physical therapy. 266 Upper Richmond road. PutneyCost £20 Booking essential. 0208 789 3881

Welcome to my world...London life

Welcome to my world....a brief tour of Putney and our clinic & yoga studio in action...come visit sometime.

Runners Knee / Ilio-Tibial Band Friction Syndrome

Runners Knee / Ilio-Tibial Band Friction Syndrome (ITBFS) The Iliotibial Band is a long band of fascia that runs from the outside of the hip, along the outer thigh and to the side of the knee. Ilio-Tibial Band Friction Syndrome (ITBFS) occurs when an overly tight Iliotibial Band rubs on the outer part of the knee and causes the fascial band to become inflamed through over-friction. Also, between the IT Band and the bony outer knee lies a bursa, (a lubricated pad which is there to help prevent over-friction of the IT Band as mentioned above), which can become entrapped by the IT Band and become inflamed itself. Symptoms ITBFS is characterised by pain, tenderness and swelling on the outer part of the knee and thigh. It is generally aggravated by movement of the knee, and relieved by knee inactivity. Causes ITBFS is generally considered to be an overuse condition; so a repetitive activity like running is commonly related. Repetitive loading of the knee, e.g. running or cycli…

My girl does yoga

The girl child at my yoga studio in Putney-she is currently unable to practice yoga because of her broken wrist :-(

Practising Back bending on Pilates reformer

We have some great Pilates kit in one of our studios-I clearly don't know how to use it but doest stop me having a go... some things got to help move my stiff upper back alongside my yoga.