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Sharath Jois yoga. Warrior 1 & 2

Interesting to see Sharath count into the pose, but not in the pose its self-same as Manju Jois did in a resent led class I attended.
This is exactly how I was taught this sequence by my teacher Nancy Gilgoff-I notice some teachers ( and students) go into a really deep Utkatasana. Lovely to see the shala in Mysore, sweated it out in that spot a few times myself :-)

Warrior 1 position for Hipflexors- Iliopoas

Yoga Om 036, originally uploaded by I generally practice the Virabhadrasana A ( warrior 1) position. where the back foot is on the floor. If I am feeling tightness in the poas (hip flexor) I will use this variation to ease the area at the top of the thigh/hip-dropping the back knee towards the floor.