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20 November 2011

Bishopstrow House and The Halcyon Spa

After an exhausting few months and the official opening of our new clinic The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy, my husband and I headed off to Wiltshire for some rest and relaxation. I have stayed at Bishopstrow House before and find it so relaxing. In its previous life, it was a country manor house, set in amazing grounds behind an old stone wall. It has the feel of another era, without the pretentiousness that some hotels of this ilk have.

The staff at Bishopstrow House are fantastic. When the room we had booked wasn't quite right for us, we were promptly relocated without any fuss to the most beautiful Shaftesbury Suite, room service and 10 hours of the most refreshing sleep I have ever had. I headed over to the Halcyon Spa, while my husband swam for an hour in the outdoor swimming pool.

Running a very busy clinic, and teaching yoga in London doesn't allow for much “pampering” time, so I booked myself an Elemis facial with the lovely Rachael in the Halcyon Spa. The spa is gorgeous; you can choose from many wonderful treatments, exercise in the gym, swim, steam, sauna, etc. I chose not to exercise (apart from a little bit of discreet yoga, by the swimming pool) but all about choices here. The spa rooms are really well lit, and so clean and comfy; the staff are really helpful, you immediately feel more relaxed once you step into the spa suite.

I have been to a number of different spas over the years and not all of them have succeeded in creating this feeling. In fact, some are so clinical that they invoke the opposite effect. This is the 2nd time I have posted about Bishopstrow House. The hotel and spa industry is having a difficult time, along with everyone else at the moment, so to find a place that is still offering such a wonderful service (with a genuine smile), is worth sharing.

18 July 2011

Bishopstrow House, Hotel and Spa Warminster

von Essen Hotels

On a recent trip to Wiltshire to practice yoga, I stayed at this beautiful hotel; Bishopstrow House.
Having had months of "full-on" work commitments, this was a real treat indeed.

My room was beautiful and looked out over a private garden that made me think of Watership Down, with rabbits (that looked rather big, but then again I am a true Londoner) hopping around the lawn. I had an evening swim in the heated outdoor pool, which is a rarity in itself; finding an outdoor pool in the UK that is actually warm enough to swim in.

I headed over to the spa and had a steam and sauna followed by what can only be described as the most unusual shower I have ever had.

Being a new spa the double shower gave you a push button choice to the kind of shower you would like to choose. I choose the Caribbean storm. I stood in the shower and closed my eyes as a fine warm mist sprayed onto my face; gorgeous! There were sound effects playing too, so when a thunder clap started, I should have taken note. The next thing I knew I felt like someone had chucked a bucket of really cold water over me and I screamed out loud. I left the shower laughing to myself and sat back in the steam room, only to hear another unsuspecting guest take to the shower. She too must have picked the Caribbean storm experience, as it wasn't long before I heard her scream as well.

I had breakfast in my room which was delicious and the restaurant menu looked amazing. I will definitely return to Bishopstrow House again. One night felt like a few days of rest for me. I will bring my husband next time and sit and listen to his reaction to the interesting shower arrangement.