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Yoga Wimbledon tennis

Wimbledon qualifiers 10 (3) 021, originally uploaded by I love this photo of the ball boys and girls at the Wimbledon qualifiers-Shoes strewn here and there, and the look of concentration on their faces is priceless. I have been teaching this warm up/yoga session for 18 years, and my son and daughter will be working at Wimbledon Tennis this year, and will therefore be my students :-) .

Wimbledon Qualifiers 2010

I spent last week working at the Wimbledon Tennis Qualifiers at Roehampton. This was my 17th year doing the warm up exercises for the ball boy/girls at this event. As always we had a great time and the students were able to work through the tournament despite the long days and aching limbs.

250 tennis players from around the world battled it out in an attempt to secure a place at Wimbledon. Many well known tennis players have come through the qualifiers; including John McEnroe, Boris Becker and Lleyton Hewitt. Who knows, perhaps another qualifier will lift the trophy this year!

Here are some photos from the week.