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18 June 2011

Wimbledon Tennis - What to wear?

With the Wimbledon Tennis Championships starting on Monday and the British weather being its-usual-unpredictable-self, I thought I would make a short list for anyone visiting.

I was teaching yoga at last week's Wimbledon tennis qualifying events and here was how the week went in photos.

Warm sunny days require sun glasses, hats, and sun cream.

Wimbledon Tennis qualifiers 2011 020

Ball boys and girls have a rest in the Sunshine (they had in fact been stretching before I took this photo.)

Wimbledon Tennis qualifiers 2011 005

Things start to go a bit down hill on the weather front. Oooh, think I can spot some rain from up here.

Wimbledon tennis qualifiers 2011

Covers on tennis courts chaps..

Wimbledon tennis qualifiers 2011Wimbledon tennis qualifiers 2011

Festival mac comes in handy after all!

So a suggested list of items needed (vanity will have to go out the window).

  1. Zinc sun cream: never a great look unless you rub it in well.
  2. A silly hat so your family can spot you on the telly.
  3. A foldaway umbrella, preferably in a cheery colour, as you will be feeling miserable if you need it; plus your friends can find you in the crowds
  4. Flip flops for warm weather.
  5. Flip flops for wet weather.
  6. White socks to wear with said flip flops (when in Rome...).
  7. A sensible cardigan: This will keep you warm and you can drape it over your face should you decide to have a nap during a game following a long session at the Pimms bar (cunning eh?)
  8. Pac-a-Mac: Yes, a plastic mac that you always swore you "wouldn't be seen dead in". Funny how they become very attractive in monsoon like weather.
  9. A big handbag to carry everything in.

What not to wear:
  1. Jimmy Choo shoes (unless you're not planning to leave the champagne bar).
  2. A tennis sweatband around your head (Björn Borg style)... A big no no
  3. Full tennis kit (unless you're actually playing on court)
  4. An "I love you mum" t-shirt if you are over 5 years old.

Otherwise, anything goes ...