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Yin Yoga and Meditation Workshop

Yin Yoga is a gentle, slow-paced yoga practice that can help you to deepen your range of motion. It has a specific focus, which is to release the connective tissue of the body. Through this deeper access to the ligaments, fascia and joints, we stimulate the energetic flow within the body. In our Yin Yoga workshop we will practice floor-based poses in a warm candlelit studio. These poses can be held for up to five minutes, depending on your level of experience. By holding these poses, we encourage relaxation and release in both the mind and the body. We will finish this yoga practice with a Yoga Nidra meditation (yogic sleep). You will leave feeling stretched, calm and relaxed.

YIN YOGA AND MEDITATION WORKSHOP Date: Thursday 6 September 2018
Time: 7 – 8:30pm
Teacher: Cherie Lathey
Cost: £25

COST AND BOOKINGS This workshop costs £25. Booking is essential as spaces are limited. You can book online or by calling us on 020 8789 3881.