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Yoga for runners

Yoga can be extremely beneficial to anyone who runs on a regular basis. There are a number of reason why this is the case. Firstly, runners often develop injuries especially when they are training for an event, increase their distance or come to running later in life; which makes finding the correct footwear essential. This is also applicable to practising yoga, as any problems in the feet (fallen arches, high insteps, etc...) will have an effect on the alignment of the body, thus affecting postures.

Secondly, If you develop knee, back, ankle, hip or shin pain, it is advisable to look into your style of running early on, rather than to continue running with pain, as is sometimes suggested. Most runners pronate or supinate in varying degrees, and this can often be rectified by the use of appropriate training shoes and/or orthotics.

Some of the common injuries associated with running are:

Runner's kneeShin splintsAchilles tendonopathyIliotibial band syndrome (ITB)Lower back painHamstri…