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Ashtanga yoga moon days. May to December 2014

Ashtanga yoga moon days. May to December 2014
Wednesday May 14(FULL MOON) Wednesday May 28(NEW MOON) Friday June 13(FULL MOON) Friday June 27(NEW MOON) Saturday July 12(FULL MOON) Saturday July 26(NEW MOON) Sunday August 10(FULL MOON) Monday August 25(NEW MOON) Tuesday September 09(FULL MOON) Wednesday September 24(NEW MOON) Wednesday October 08(FULL MOON) Thursday October 23(NEW MOON) Thursday November 06(FULL MOON) Saturday November 22(NEW MOON) Saturday December 06(FULL MOON) Monday December 22(NEW MOON)

Eddie Stern on Moon days in Ashtanga yoga

This was a letter written by Eddie Stern of Ashtanga Yoga New York and Broome Street Temple that I found on facebook-wonderful explanation about moon days.

Eddie Sterns letter to Barry Silver about moon days
It is possible that the student who asked you about any prohibition of practicing yoga on the full or new moon days was doing so because of the observances of Pattabhi Jois. Much has been made of this observance, with all sorts of ideas about why he does this, and what significance it may have. However, the reason for Pattabhi Jois's observance of these days is quite simple. As you know, the Maharaja's Pathashala (Sankrit College) was closed each month for classes on the moon days, and the day before and after. Studies were continued by the students, but no new lessons taught. One reason for this was that on amavasya and purnima, certain rituals had to be performed by the teachers and students alike, who are all brahmins - for example, the pitr tarpana which needs to be p…

Ashtanga yoga moon days 2011

"Observing this restraint to practice can be helpful in not becoming too attached to practice and routine. It also provides time for the body to rest and recuperate."
Richard Freeman

New moon
Tuesday 4th January: new moonWednesday 2nd February: new moonFriday 4th March: new moonSunday 3rd April: new moonTuesday 3rd May: new moonWednesday 1st June: new moonFriday 1st July: new moonSaturday 30th July: new moonMonday 29th August: new moonTuesday 27th September: new moonWednesday 26th October: new moonFriday 25th November: new moonSaturday 24th December: new moon
Full moon
Wednesday 19th January: full moonFriday 18th February: full moonSaturday 19th March: full moonMonday 18th April: full moonTuesday 17th May: full moonWednesday 15th June: full moonFriday 15th July: full moonSaturday 13th August: full moonMonday 13th September: full moonWednesday 12th October: full moonThursday 10th November: full moonSaturday 10th December: full moon