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Courses running in October and November

Here is an up-to-date list of classes and courses running throughout October and November.

October and November timetable

Starting Monday 21 October:

Yoga and birth preparation
4-week course
Women can use up pregnancy class passes and carry any unused sessions into postnatal classes.
Time: 10am
Teacher: Diane
Cost: £56

6-week course
Time: 7pm
Teacher: Laurent
Cost: £84

Starting Tuesday 22 October:

Ashtanga yoga (Mysore style)
6-week course
Time: 9am
Teacher: Cherie
Cost: £90

Baby massage
3-week course (started 14 October)
Time: 11am
Teacher: Hajni
Cost: £45

Core fitness boot camp
4-week course (starting 5 November)
Time: 7pm
Teacher: Stephen
Cost: £56

Starting Wednesday 23 October:

Postnatal Pilates
6-week course (also open to prenatal women)
Time: 12pm
Teacher: Katie
Cost: £84

  Tai Chi
6-week course
Time: 5:30pm
Teacher: Enid
Cost: £84

Prenatal yoga
Time: 7pm
Teacher: Diane
Cost: £84 (class pass system)

Starting Thursday 24 October:

Mum and baby yoga
Time: 10:30am
Teacher: Diane