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Surprise, surprise

So for the past four weeks the security man outside my apartment block has greeted me everyday with the word "bye". This has been regardless of  me coming in or going out of the building and often in response to me saying "hello".

Imagine my surprise when entering the building yesterday... He said "hello, how are you?" (in the same voice as Manuel in Fawlty Towers does). I was so taken aback I just looked blankly at him at first and then respond "very good". When I got inside the apartment I laughed my head off. He really has had a crash course in English and took me completely by surprise.

I wondered if he would revert back to "bye" this morning... But no, his response to my "how are you? was "fine" ( with, of course, an Indian sideways nod of the head).

Everyone keeps you on your toes here in India.