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Courses running in October and November

Here is an up-to-date list of classes and courses running throughout October and November.

October and November timetable

Starting Monday 21 October:

Yoga and birth preparation
4-week course
Women can use up pregnancy class passes and carry any unused sessions into postnatal classes.
Time: 10am
Teacher: Diane
Cost: £56

6-week course
Time: 7pm
Teacher: Laurent
Cost: £84

Starting Tuesday 22 October:

Ashtanga yoga (Mysore style)
6-week course
Time: 9am
Teacher: Cherie
Cost: £90

Baby massage
3-week course (started 14 October)
Time: 11am
Teacher: Hajni
Cost: £45

Core fitness boot camp
4-week course (starting 5 November)
Time: 7pm
Teacher: Stephen
Cost: £56

Starting Wednesday 23 October:

Postnatal Pilates
6-week course (also open to prenatal women)
Time: 12pm
Teacher: Katie
Cost: £84

  Tai Chi
6-week course
Time: 5:30pm
Teacher: Enid
Cost: £84

Prenatal yoga
Time: 7pm
Teacher: Diane
Cost: £84 (class pass system)

Starting Thursday 24 October:

Mum and baby yoga
Time: 10:30am
Teacher: Diane

Autumn class timetable

After a short summer break, our class are up and running again. Please find below a list of all classes currently running (subject to changes). Information about Saturday Pilates courses will be available soon.

DayCourseTimeTeacherDurationMondayPrenatal yoga and birth preparation (third trimester)10:00Diane4 weeksMondayMat Pilates19:00Laurent6 weeksTuesdayAshtanga (Mysore)09:00Cherie6 weeksTuesdayBaby massage11:00Hajni3 weeksTuesdayCore boot camp19:00Stephen6 weeksWednesdayPre & Postnatal Pilates12:00Katie6 weeksWednesday  Tai Chi17:30Enid6 weeksWednesdayPrenatal yoga19:00DianeOngoingThursdayMum & Baby Yoga

Fitness and the mitochondria

by Fleur Borrelli, Nutritionist

How effective we are at exercising aerobically all depends on our mitochondria. Mitochondria are little sub-units, known as organelles, inside our cells. These are the power-houses of the cell, the engines, where make most of our ATP which is the body’s energy currency is generated. Apart from producing energy for us, they coordinate other actions such as becoming a skin cell or a muscle cell. They also manage cell death which needs to occur in a way that does not cause collateral damage and can even be beneficial to us.

Our mitochondria are so vital to health that we need to treat them well. They are semi-autonomous and reproduce independently of the cells they live in a way that is very similar to a bug. In fact microbiologists believe that at the beginning of time they might have lived freely as bacteria, until they took up resident in larger cells. They even have their own DNA to produce proteins which help our cells to work.

When we engage i…

Class timetable for May 2013

Below you will find a complete list of classes currently running at the Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy. These classes are valid for May 2013.

DayCourseTimeTeacherDurationMondayMat Pilates19:00Laurent6 weeksTuesdayAshtanga (Mysore)09:30Cherie6 weeksTuesdayCore boot camp19:00Stephen6 weeksWednesdayPrenatal yoga19:00DianeThursdayMum & Baby Yoga10:30Diane6 weeksThursdayPostnatal Pilates14:30Katie6 weeksFridayLed Ashtanga09:00Cherie6 weeksSaturdayIntroduction to ashtanga yoga08:45Cherie6 weeksSaturdayPrenatal yoga10:00CherieSaturday