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10% discount on healthy Christmas gift packs

The sale is now on on our healthy Christmas gift packages. 10% off on all packages. On sale until Tuesday 22nd December. To get yours, call us on 020 8789 3881 quoting the special promo codes.

Pack 1: Massage  (PROMO CODE: SW15MASSAGE) Was £144. Now £129.60.

Pack 2: New mum and baby   (PROMO CODE: SW15MUMS) Was £81. Now £72.90.

Pack 3: Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi  (PROMO CODE: SW15YOGA) Was £70. Now £63.

Terms and conditions
Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers. Gift packs are on sale until 22nd December 2015 and must be used before 30th March 2016.

Healthy Christmas Gifts

Christmas gift packs from the Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy
The festive season is upon us and so begins the traditional rush to buy presents for friends and family. This year why not treat them - or indeed yourself - to one of The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy's specially designed Christmas gift packs?

There are 8 to choose from; ranging from a body MOT, nutritional advice, yoga and Pilates sessions, hypnotherapy and a pick and mix selection in which you decide what treatments you would like to receive.

Full information about each individual gift pack and terms and conditions below.

Gift pack 1: Body MOT Package includes:

1 45-minute osteopathy session1 30-minute follow-up osteopathy session1 60-minute massage1 60-minute nutritional Session(Worth £ 260) / Package price: £205

Gift pack 2: Nutrition A 6-week programme that includes:

1 Initial consultation1 second consultation1 follow-up, monitoring progress1 treatment summary
(Worth £275) / Package price: £220 

Gift pack 3:…

Postnatal massage

Here is an article about postnatal massage from Hajni Varadi, which was originally posted on the Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy blog.
Postnatal massageby Hajni Varadi,  sports & therapeutic massage therapist Women often ask me how soon they can have a massage after giving birth. I usually recommend at least 3 weeks after natural birth and 4-5 weeks after a caesarean.

It is advisable to allow time for the body to recover, heal and adjust to motherhood, as there are all sorts of new aches and pains to deal with. During pregnancy it is usually the lower back that hurts; however, with breastfeeding and carrying a baby, the muscles between the shoulder blades can get tight and sore. The neck can also be painful from constantly looking down. On top of this, hormonal changes in the body can sometimes cause postnatal depression.

I know it all sounds daunting, but on a cheery note, massage can help you feel human again. What's more, during the treatment you can have a well-deserved …