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12 June 2011

Nancy Gilgoff Workshop Tarifa Spain

I recently attended a fantastic Ashtanga yoga workshop with Nancy Gilgoff in Tarifa Spain.
Casa yoga is running classes and workshops in a beautiful spot in southern Spain.
Adam and Theresa who run Casa yoga had all bases covered, accommodation, food, and of course one of Ashtanga yoga's most experienced teachers Nancy Gilgoff. ( Nancy has been practicing for 40 years).

It always amazes me how a group of strangers ( mostly), can gather together and share the yoga journey-doesn't matter what pose your on? what your day job is? or if you speak the same language....I found this particular group dynamic, very uplifting, so thank you fellow yogis.

The Casa yoga set up makes it very easy to attend on your own. My non yogi husband came too and enjoyed running, swimming and the sunshine. The option of kite surfing, in one of the world best sites is available for the brave :-)

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