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20 January 2013

Heathrow airport terminal 5 snow chaos

So I should be sunning myself in India right now, but because London had some snow I am still waiting to start my journey.

Yes, I was one of the many sat on the tarmac at terminal 5 for 7 hours on Friday waiting to be de-iced, blow dried and all the other scenarios we were told were happening to the plane. British Airways had looked after me when boarding the plane, and had allocated me two seats to myself (as I am recovering from a medical procedure). Having had the week from hell and not being able to control the outcome, sitting on this flight was fairly minor in the greater scheme of things.

I understand we have no control over the weather but many European cities deal with snow on a daily basis, so I don't understand why an airport as large as this one gets it so wrong.

We were shipped off the plane and left to our own devices. There was no information whatsoever. After waiting a couple of hours for my baggage, I overheard someone say "no more bags will be coming out". Having left the baggage hall, I tried to speak to a member of British Airways staff. I was given a number to call and told to make my own arrangements. All the enquiry lines were either closed or busy. I'm one of the lucky ones as  I didn't have to sleep in the airport. My knight in shining armour (my husband) came on his trusty stead (an Audi) and took me home. So now I am booked on another flight leaving on Monday. I have no luggage as its now "in the system" somewhere???

I have been told to turn up early for my flight on Monday and they will try and find my bag. I am all for trusting things will work out, but given the state of terminal 5 on Friday, I am not entirely convinced this will happen. I am flying to Bangalore and then have a 3-hour taxi ride to Mysore. Fingers crossed for me that I will have some clothes when I get there.