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How do you choose a yoga teacher?

The question how do you choose a yoga teacher came up in a workshop that I recently attended. At the time my response to this was that it is an intuitive feeling you have when you come across a teacher that you seem to connect with. Having pondered over this some more, I looked at what has attracted me to the yoga teachers, that I still look to for guidance, and why I have let go of some teachers along the way.

My thoughts on this are:
The yoga teachers that I really connect with are the ones who have something that I would like to learn myself. They display all elements of yoga, not just the physical asana practice. They teach with kindness and compassion, I trust them to adjust me in postures, especially poses that I am fearful of. My trusted yoga teachers have enabled me to work through some of these poses and move on when I was ready… They don’t look to hold me back. A good teacher for me is someone who wants to share their knowledge and growth with their students and is able to adm…