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What is Vinyasa?

David Swenson describes Vinyasa as the "marriage of breath & movement". The linking of yoga poses while flowing with the breath is vinyasa.

The asanas (poses) cease to be separate from the breath while practising this form of yoga; thus allowing a yogic dance of breath and movement. Ashtanga Vinyasa is one of the best known forms of this style of yoga practice.

The Suryanamaskas (sun salutaions) are often described as vinyasa, as is linking upward facing dog and downward facing dog. Vinyasas are placed in between poses to bring the body back into a neutral position in this yoga practice

Vinyasa flow classes - sometimes called flow yoga classes - are becoming increasing popular. This is because there is freedom to create various sequences. These sequences are not random, but linked poses flowing from one to another. Repetition is a key feature in vinyasa yoga.

Every entrance and exit to a pose is made with an inhalation or exhalation. Transition from one pose to another is …