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05 June 2009

Who is yoga mama...?

yoga mama is the yoga company set up by Cherie Lathey, who has spent the past 20 years working in the fitness industry as a gym instructor and personal trainer, and has worked for the Lawn Tennis Association at the Wimbledon qualifiers since 1993, providing warm-up exercises for the ball boys and girls. She started practising yoga on a regular basis in 1994, after attending a workshop run by David Swenson. The physical and spiritual nature of yoga enhanced her flexibility, strength and balance so much that she decided to train to become a yoga teacher.

Her journey as a trainee took her to the It's Yoga School in San Francisco, California; where she earned the International Yoga Alliance qualification under the guidance of Larry Schultz, an Astanga yoga teacher. Since qualifying, Cherie has furthered her knowledge by travelling to India and attending many workshops in several disciplines. She has had the privilege of gaining insight from many great teachers such as Nancy Gilgoff and John Friend. Cherie gained her pregnancy yoga knowledge and qualification with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli through The Life Centre in London.

Cherie’s classes reflect her experience and background. She continues to teach in many leading clubs and her clients range from Hollywood actresses to care in the community classes. She is a qualified masseur, a Reiki II practitioner and is also joint director of the Putney Clinic in London.