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29 June 2009

Yoga and golf

As those who practice it know, golf can be a very frustrating sport at times. When a shot does not come off as well as hoped for, it can be quite difficult to move on to the next shot and continue with the game.

This is where yogic breathing may be of great benefit. Taking time out to steady one's breath and focus on the present – not on what has just happened or what may happen later – may help golfers to forget previous errors and proceed as normal with their game.

From a bio-mechanical point of view, the strain on the body while playing golf can also have adverse effects on players. Not to mention the fact that swinging a club and hitting the ball with great force may also increase the risk of injury. Some of the most common injuries associated with golf are: back and hip pain, shoulder injuries, wrist problems, etc...

Many yoga poses can help alleviate these conditions. Poses such as the cat, the downward dog, seated twists, the cow pose (and many more) can help increase your range of motion and strengthen your core. Through practising yoga on a regular basis, your game is sure to improve.