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11 November 2009

Yoga weekend at Pelham House

I spent last weekend running a weekend of yoga in the beautiful town of Lewes, near Brighton. It was a mixed group of students some of whom knew each other, and some who met for the first time. The group was quite varied in terms of yoga experience, with some people having practiced a lot of yoga and some real beginners. This can sometimes be difficult for more advanced students, but on this occasion there was patience and tolerance abound.

We practised asana, pranayama and yoga nidra. The yoga nidra session on the Saturday night was pretty changing to say the least… There was a teenage party going on at the hotel and Abba and Katie Perry blasting away in the background. "I Kissed a Girl" really doesn't encourage relaxation. Nonetheless, everyone in the group managed to stay focused on the nidra, until someone decided to empty the entire contents of the bottle bank. At this point we all roared with laughter and called it a day…

The common denominator of the weekend was obviously yoga, but many aspects of life were discussed over dinner and the odd glass of wine. This was definitely a yoga treat, having some time away from work and family responsibilities to practice yoga and have some “me time” is a gift we should all give to ourselves every now and again. I will definitely stay in touch with new friends made!

Pelham house is a beautiful boutique hotel in Lewes with views of the South Downs. I would use this venue for a yoga weekend again or for a quiet weekend break.