12 April 2010

Marc Bolan

Marc Bolan was a name from my childhood. He was one of the first glam rock musicians and had many hit records including I Love to Boogie, Ride a White Swan, Telegram Sam, to name but a few… He was a pretty boy and wore very outrageous clothes for the 1970's. I remember him appearing on Top of the Pops in a gorgeous white feather jacket and mascara. He was very cool. All these years later, I still have some T. Rex tunes on my iPod (as do my teenagers).

Marc died in a car accident in Barnes in 1977 at the young age of 29. Living in south west London I drive past the shrine which has been created in his memory on a regular basis. Bolan still has many adoring fans throughout the world who go to his shrine in Barnes and place mementos or fresh flowers. Here are a few photos that I took recently. RIP


  1. I hope it will be a long running show, that’ll be shown in many different countries!


  2. Thank You for posting the photos. It is always wonderful to see them. I'm the secretary of TAG (T-Rex Action Group) and we have been caring for the Tree since we were granted an in perpetuity lease on the site in 1999. I founded TAG as the Daily Mail reported in late 1998 that the tree was in danger of being felled as it was not well. In early 1999 it was announced that the Tree had less than 3 years to live and so would have gone by 2002. That's when I realised ACTION was needed - hence the name - T-Rex ACTION Group. In 2007 the site was included in the English Tourist Board's guide to the important Rock Site called 'England Rocks'. Fans visit the site from around the world. The key day to do is Marc's Anniversary in 16th September each year. Hope to see you there. :-)
    Laser Love
    Fee xxxxx

  3. Thank you for your comments Fee. What a great job you, and your action group do, to keep T.Rex memory alive. I have oftan wondered who placed the beautiful statue in that spot. C x


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