01 November 2010

I would rather go naked than wear fur

“I would rather go naked than wear fur” was a very successful ad campaign by PETA the animal rights campaigners back in the 90s. I mention this, as recently, while out walking my dog on a cold autumn day here in London, a young man approached me and said “ You F***ing bitch, wearing that fur coat”. I smiled sweetly at him and continued on my way. The coat in question is 100% polyester fake fur.

I have never worn fur and never will. This is a personal choice and I don’t feel the need to attack those who have different opinions to mine. I do, however, have an opinion, should anyone wish to ask me; but I’m not about to roam the streets of London, butt-naked, in order to prove my point.

I choose to lead by example. This has filtered through to my grown up children and they are able to make conscious choices, at to whether they wear fur or not. They too choose not to. My daughter is about to embark on a career in fashion and textiles, where hopefully she will be able to bring about some change; however small it might be.

Taking the moral high road, as this man did, is not for me. There is far too much traffic on it already. As Leo Tolstoy said “man always thinks about changing the world, but never himself”.


  1. Which just goes to show the world of appearances should not be taken as the truth. We learn this through yoga, but sometimes forget to extend it to the rest of our lives.

    Perhaps you should have given that man your yoga card and asked him to come to a class? ;)

  2. Thanks for your comment Svasti- I agree yoga might be a good option for this man :-)


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