18 March 2012

Sharath Jois & me......

Sharath Jois Mysore

On my last day of conference at the KPJAYI shala one of my friends snapped this photo of myself and Sharath...Shame I hadn't brushed my hair...but hey story of my life.
 Sharath is a wonderful intuitive teacher and nothing passes his watchful gaze ( even when you think he hasn't noticed something, he usually has).

A couple of days into my stay in Mysore, Sharath said to me on a Monday " Wednesday you drop back " I said nothing but thought " I dont think so".  I have avoided drop backs since I took up Ashtanga yoga many moons ago, and whilst I had not mentioned this to Sharath, he just seems to know where you need some assistance  ....
Wednesday I turn up, go through my practise and just when I think I can finish my back bends and clear off-he shows up on my mat (no idea how he remembers, with so many people in the room) and says " you drop back". The look of terror must have been on my face as he whispered "don't fear go back" DONT FEAR?
 I have feared this pose for a long time, but in that moment it disappeared and back I went-Yay!
 I would like to say that every time I went back from here in I felt the same, but this was not the case....Although on my last day in the shala I was practising on the stage ( for the 2nd day in a row) and Sharath assisted me in my drop backs...he laughed when I came up (Im not entirely sure why? possibly because I had raised my eyebrows in disbelief, when he had told me to get on the stage AGAIN), but it made me laugh too....Mysore was a fantastic experience for me 


  1. :-) Feel happy for you! my body also tends to not fear so much when he gives directions, it is a strange thing...


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