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Baked or griddled falafel with vegan yoghurt sauce

Originally published by Adam and Theresa on:
I first had Falafel at the tender age of 18 when I went to work on a Kibbutz (like a working farm) in Israel. These days, I'm sure in the trendier areas of East London they're even feeding Falafel wraps on- the-go to their toddlers, but back in the day, falafel was impossibly exotic and not even available at Camden Market. Imagine.

So straight off the plane and driving through the Negev desert to our allotted Kibbutz our driver stops at a roadside place for a quick break and orders one. Now at the time I wasn't vegetarian (that didn't happen for another year and it's another story..) but I've always been interested in different foods, so I immediately ordered the same as him. First off, I have to say I was a little disappointed when they told me it was ground chickpeas; I think I was anticipating chicken nuggets or something, but from the first bite I loved it. The crunch of the falafel with th…