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05 June 2010

King of the Cup

Today I have a guest blogpost from my 17 year old football fan (and player) son, Jake.

Rio Ferdinand has been ruled out of the World Cup, but England have a ready-made replacement in Ledley King. I believe the Tottenham captain is more than a decent replacement, as King was one of the stars of the Premiership as he led Tottenham to Champion's League football.

Yes, Rio will be missed around the camp for his experience and humour, but I don't think he will really be that missed on the pitch. I believe that if Ledley King didn't have so many injury problems, he would be a certain starter for the England team on a regular basis.

I have heard many different opinions such as "Now our captain's gone, that's it" and "big loss to lose a key man", but I still believe that Rios departure will not affect England's chances at the World Cup. Some fans have said that now the captain has gone, the team won't know how to play together and get information into the side. For one thing, when Rio played as captain, Fabio Capello chose to tell old captain John Terry the information to pass on to the players.

Rio was not really England's captain; there was no emotion, no courage, no leader figure... He was just a player wearing an armband that would still have been worn by John Terry if details about his private life hadn't come to the light in the Tabloid Press. England also has a lot of talent and skill to cover Rio's absence in defence in the form of Michael Dawson, Ledley King and Jamie Carragher. So has England really lost that much going into the World Cup? A good player, yes! A brilliant England captain, No! With or without Rio Ferdinand, England can be world champions.