09 February 2010

Neti pot

When I was training to be a yoga teacher, one of the 6 purification techniques taught to us was Jala Neti ( also called Neti or Jaaneti). Purification techniques are sometimes performed as a way of preparing the body for a yoga practice.

Whenever the neti pots came out, I disappeared, always needing to be somewhere else at that moment in time… I had many techniques to avoid it: the bathroom, the water fountain, the shop, anything but the Net.

Pouring a saline solution up my hooter was really not for me and I have avoided it right up to today. I have got a steaming cold and, as a result, I now have sinus pain, so I have decided to give it another go. Talk about waiting until your back is against the wall!

I rushed to the Sivanada yoga studio nearby and bought myself a ceramic neti pot and salt. I had to follow the one photographic image as the instructions were in German!!! Although I did not find it as unpleasant as some people describe, it was not as bad as I remembered. So I will use it over the next few days to see if it helps alleviate the problem.

Neti purification basically means pouring a saline solution up one nostril and allowing it to pour out of the other and then repeating the procedure on the other side. When I told my teenage son what I was doing he replied: “Urghhh... that’s butters!”, which - I am informed - is teenage speak for “I don’t think that’s very nice”.

Fortunately, I do not have a photograph of me performing neti but above there is a photo of the aforementioned pot.

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  1. I use mine everyday since I had my sinus surgery. I didnt use it for about a month and started again this week. I have been in horrible pain since i quit using it and had to start again.

    Just keep with it, it will get better and you wont feel as bad most of the time. If your sinus's are as bad as mine.



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