25 February 2013

So new Ashtanga yoga book coming - Sharath Jois

So Sharath has written a new Ashtanga yoga book  (with the help of a couple of his students, whose names I didn't catch). As far as I am aware, this is his first book.

He told us about this in the conference yesterday and even made light of some of the then/ now photographs of himself contained in the book. I also believe he said it contained some health related asana -but this could be a "lost in translation" on my part.

There are lots of photographs contained in the book-some with him as a young man practising with his grandfather Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. I know this book will go on sale in the Shala in the next few weeks, but not sure when/where it will be on general sale. If you have friends currently in Mysore, get them to pick up a copy for you.

I also managed to find the courage to ask a question in that conference yesterday, but that's for another post perhaps.


  1. Interesting, look forward to hearing more about this, just a little book or something major do you think?

    1. Its a small book with lots of images and updates-Not a glossy hardback. I asked him today- will it be available everywhere or just in the shala? and he said everywhere....next few weeks apparently :-)


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