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Dynamic Surya Namaskar sequence

Let the Sunshine in             
Dynamic Surya Namaskar
This is a dynamic, flowing variation on the classic sun salutation. This particular sequence has an emphasis on stretching the psoas or hip flexor muscle at the top of the thigh. You can change the pace of this yoga sequence by staying in each pose for 5 breaths or by using the one breath one movement principle in order to to flow through the practice.
This warming, heat-producing sequence can be used as a stand-alone short yoga session or, alternatively, as a warm-up to a longer yoga class. Building the number of rounds up over time will enable you to gain strength.  Connecting to your breath in each movement, allows this sequence to feel like a moving meditation. You should always rest in savanasana at the end of your yoga session.
. Tadasana (Mountain pose) Stand with your feet together-hands in front of your heat in pray.. 
2. Urdhva Hastasana (Upward Salute) Inhale and sweep your arms up keeping your shoulders moving down the  …

Video: Let The Sunshine In (Hair)

Yesterday I went with my husband and daughter to see “Hair”, the revival of the 60’s musical at the Gielgud Theatre in the West End of London.

The video is the track “Let The Sunshine In”, which was my favourite song from the production. The first half of the show was excellent and very entertaining, but the second half was, for me, a bit slow. However, the end, with audience participation, was fantastic. If I hadn’t been sat upstairs (wearing very high shoes), I would definitely have got up on stage with the cast and had a dance.

The show is well worth seeing before it ends in September.