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10 March 2013

88 Years Young-Dance on Granny.

The most fantastic video... I want to be like this when I'm her age... and my daughter says I will be (especially the bit at the VERY end). :-)

17 May 2010

The Gap Yah

I don't know if it's just a London thing, but this video clip titled Gap Yah really made me laugh. It completely takes the mickey out of the gap year and the whole class system.

A gap year tends to be teenagers going off to far flung places, with dosh given to them by their parents. Full moon parties and drunken raves are all part of the cultural gap year experience. When my 17 year old son talked about a gap year, I told him he has already had one; the first year of his A levels when he did bugger all.

If you have teenagers and live in certain parts of london, you will appreciate the Gap Yah.

09 April 2010

Video: The sneezing panda

This sneezing Panda video still makes me laugh. Poor mum was just chilling out when the baby scares her. Enjoy!

27 October 2009

Video: cool cat

Here's a video I saw on Youtube. It's not related to yoga at all, but it made me laugh. Just out of curiousity, my dog is also a keen musician. Must have the camcorder ready at Christmas when he does his Liberace number! :o)