25 May 2010

Motown Yoga

I usually teach yoga in the mornings and practice in the afternoons. This morning I was free, so I got on my mat earlier than usual. I decided to pass on my regular practice tunes: Ram Dass, etc... and look for something new.

I picked my favourite "Best of Motown" CD and powered through the Ashtanga primary series. I got through this quicker than I have ever done in my life. I even managed to keep in the Chakrasanas, which I sometimes pass on.

My Marichyasana D bind seems to be avoiding me at the moment, even the Jackson 5 banging out some tunes, couldn't assist me with that one today (trying to practice non-attachment here). Smokey Robinson, Aretha Franklin and all my other favourite Motown artists are completely oblivious to the fact that they were involved in my record breaking yoga practice today. I am blogging this today in case I am unable to lift my arms tomorrow.

Motown Yoga love!


  1. First of all, you have got a fantastic logo, depicting parvatasana. Kudos to you for having presented a great blog on yoga. I have been practising yoga for the past several years now and I am thrilled to note that you are a teacher yourself. I read through some of your posts, especially the one titled benefits of spinal twisting yoga postures and found it really informative. Vakrasana is also a very useful spine twisting asana.
    I just wanted to share something with you and know your thoughts - when asked by students about the order in which to do asanas, my yoga teacher used to say this: ""When you are confronted with the question about the order of asanas: lying on back, lying on chest, seated etc, look at an infant. An infant first lies on back, then to his side, then turns over, then sits, crawls and then stands. This is the exact order in which you do your asanas."" Your thoughts?
    I am new to the blogosphere (but not to Yoga) and I have a blog http://www.all-under-the-sun.com/yoga-for-beginners-practical-no-nonsense-advice for now and plan to bring in more in the future. I invite you to visit my blog and comment. You may even want to add my site in yours. I would also like to add yours to my site as it has a wealth of information.

  2. Thank you for your comments. Different schools of yoga will vary in their opinion of this question. Coming from a dynamic school of yoga myself, standing position are the ones I do first, but will sometimes start with seated breathing exercises...Very interesting theory from your teacher, one which I have not heard before. Thank you for sharing it.


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